Bloodlined Calligraphy - Ypsilanti - Re-upload

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Uploaded:Apr 10th, 2011
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Bloodlined Calligraphy - Ypsilanti - Re-upload picture
Band Name: Bloodlined Calligraphy
Album: Ypsilanti
Year: 2006
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore
Recording Label:
1. 5/14/06
2. Is You Asking Or Is You Telling?
3. Take It Or Leave It
4. From Here On Out
5. It Can't Rain All The Time
6. Ashes To Ashes
7. If Heaven Ain't Alot Like Ypsi, I Don't Wanna Go
8. America's Next Top Model
9. Frienemies
10. Last Goodbye
11. They Want You Silent

Album Bitrate: 128kbps

This is a re-upload of my last attempt to upload this torrent. Since then I have learned more and hopefully this upload won't fail like the last one :P

ANY comments are appreciated so please have the courtesy to let me know what you think; good or bad!

Here is a link to their current bio and status. This album, of course has the original members in it.