The American Astronaut (2001) DVDrip-XviD

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MP3 - 148kbps

Plot Summary :
Eraserhead meets Buck Rogers by way of an MGM musical in this bizarre outer-space saga about Samuel Curtis (Cory McAbee), a galactic truck driver looking to make a killing. The film opens with Curtis landing on the freewheeling, all-male asteroid of Ceres. Before winning a dance contest with his buddy Blueberry Pirate -- who is renowned for smuggling fresh fruit -- Curtis learns from Blueberry about a scheme to give a fetal "real live girl" to the similarly male-dominated planet of Jupiter in exchange for a strapping adolescent known solely as "The Boy Who Actually Saw a Female Breast." He in turn will be sent to the all-female planet of Venus where he will spend his life servicing the planet's occupants. Unfortunately, Curtis is followed by the mysterious self-proclaimed birthday boy Professor Hess, who has a tendency to vaporize any and all who come into contact with him. This film was screened at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival as a part of the Midnight Madness program.


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Great movie. Great soundtrack. Thank you.

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