Greg the Bunny (Complete TV Series) [13 Episodes – 2 DVD Extra

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Greg the Bunny is an American television sitcom that originally aired on Fox TV in 2002. It starred Seth Green and a hand puppet named Greg the Bunny, originally invented by the team of Sean S. Baker, Spencer Chinoy and Dan Milano. Milano and Chinoy wrote and co-produced the Fox show. In the show, Greg was the co-star of a children's television show called Sweetknuckle Junction. Like The Muppet Show, Greg the Bunny treated puppets as though they were real creatures within the reality of the show, although in this show, they were treated as a racial minority, sometimes struggling against second-class citizenship. The show was spun off from The Greg the Bunny Show, a series of short segments that used to air on the Independent Film Channel, which were based on the cable access show Junktape.

Cast –
Seth Green as Jimmy Bender
Eugene Levy as Gil Bender
Sarah Silverman as Alison Kaiser
Dan Milano as Greg the Bunny / Warren DeMontague (Professor Ape) (voices)
Drew Massey as Count Blah / Dr. Aben Mitchell / Gay Bear / Herbitta Hymina (voices)
Bob Gunton as "Junction" Jack Mars
Dina Spybey as Dottie Sunshine
Tim Curry as Cranky (voice)
Victor Yerrid as Tardy The Turtle / Mr. Hygiene
James Murray as Rochester Rabbit / Susan the Monster / Jamaican Guy (voices)

List of Episodes


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