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The Kennedys
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The Complete Miniseries

The Kennedys is a television miniseries chronicling the lives of the Kennedy family, including key triumphs and tragedies it has experienced. It stars Greg Kinnear, Katie Holmes, Barry Pepper and Tom Wilkinson among others, and is directed by Jon Cassar.

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List of Episodes

Parts one and two

The first two episodes interweave a series of flashbacks that follow the Kennedy family from Joseph Kennedy's appointment as Ambassador to the Court of St. James's in 1938 and his resignation in 1940; Jack's service aboard PT-109; Joe Jr's death in Operation Aphrodite; Jack's successful run for Congress in 1946 and for U.S. Senate in 1952, and his meeting and marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier; JFK's election to the United States Presidency in 1960. The personal relationships between various members of the Kennedy clan are explored, including the strain between Joe, Sr. and Bobby as well as Jack's infidelities.

Part three

The birth of John, Jr. and Bobby's reluctance to be appointed Attorney General open part three. Joe prevails on Bobby to accept the post, where he clashes with FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover. Jack faces the first test of his presidency with the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion, leading Joe to impress upon Bobby the importance of his role as his brother's advisor. Rose Kennedy commiserates with and offers advice to Jackie on the burdens of marriage to a powerful man. Hoover confronts the Kennedy brothers with photographs of Jack's dalliance with Judith Campbell Exner, a woman with known ties to organized crime.

Part four

Part four opens in Chicago prior to the 1960 presidential election, with Joe seeking an alliance with gangster Sam Giancana to secure Illinois votes for Jack. In the White House, the President faces increasing trouble from his Addison's disease, turning to Doctor Max Jacobson for amphetamine shots. Jackie struggles to balance her family with her role as First Lady; she, too, turns to Jacobson. Bobby gears up for his war on organized crime. Jack integrates the Secret Service Presidential Protective Division with the appointment of Abraham Bolden. Frank Sinatra tries to intercede with Joe on Giancana's behalf; Joe rebuffs him but still cautions Bobby. The administration monitors Soviet buildup on the border of East Berlin leading to the sealing of the border. After Hoover plays Bobby a wiretap of Giancana and Johnny Roselli implicating Joe in election fraud, the brothers cut Joe out of Jack's presidency.

Part five

Escalating racial tensions in the summer of 1961 form the backdrop of episode five, which sees Jack turn to Vice-President Lyndon Johnson for help in handling the Southern Congressional delegation. Segregation presents further challenges to the Kennedy presidency when James Meredith tries to enroll in the whites-only University of Mississippi. An intransigent Governor Ross R. Barnett inflames the gathered mob, leading Jack to order out the Mississippi National Guard, culminating in the Ole Miss riot of 1962. Jackie grows more dependent on amphetamines, leading Jack to confront her and Jackie to confess her fears to him. Joe suffers a massive debilitating stroke. Caring for him leads Rose to recall her daughter Rosemary and her emotional problems, which led to Joe's decision to have Rosemary lobotomized in 1941.

Part six

Part six finds the Kennedy brothers facing the gravest threat to the world with the discovery of Soviet missile bases under construction in Cuba. The ensuing international crisis tests Jack to his limits. Even as he deals with the Soviets, Jack faces the possible loss of his marriage after Jackie is humiliated by his tryst with Mary Meyer.

Parts seven and eight

Part seven of the mini-series shows Jack and Jackie's loss of their newborn son, Patrick; Marilyn Monroe's obsession with Jack and the days leading up to her suicide; the assassination of President Kennedy is dramatized. Part eight depicts Bobby Kennedy blaming himself for the President's death; Bobby's New York senatorial campaign; Jackie's decision to marry Aristotle Onassis; Bobby's decision to run for president and his 1968 assassination are dramatized.

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kiplittleMay 31st, 2011

@kiplittle: You are partially right - the episodes 3, 4 and 5 are indeed in 4:3 format. The episodes 1+2, 6, 7 and 8 are in 16:9. That still doesn't excuse that I failed to check the files properly, and I am humbly sorry for that! Konashine has a nice high quality pack: and in case you like to download episodes 3, 4 and 5 in 16:9 format here are the links to the scene releases: Again I am deeply sorry! Cheers

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