German Language Learning Pack

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* upload speed will increase when the Dutch and Russian projects are done *


00.Routledge Intensive German Course + audio
01.Colloquial German Audio + audio
02.Teach Yourself German + Audio
03.Deutsche Sprachlehre fur Auslander
04.Linguaphone Deutscher Kursus + Audio
05.Basic German A Grammar and Workbook
06.Practice Makes Perfect German Pronouns and Prepositions
07.Practice Makes Perfect German Verb Tenses

Well, I'm too tired to copy paste, the full book list is provided as two separate jpg files.


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Rashid123Apr 23rd, 2011

Vielen Dank. By the way, there is a workbook(Essential German Grammar : that goes with "18.Hammer's German Grammar and Usage"....Perhaps you dont have it. If it is not the case, would please upload it....thank you very much once can contact me at

mahigitamJun 24th, 2011

See also: German Language Learning Pack (Vol. 2)

 GalitShpichterSep 18th, 2011

HI @GalitSpichter I was trying to look up to Dutch and French Learning Package in your page but I couldn't see through all your uploads, only those in the first page, and it didn't contain Dutch or French :) would you please let me know if you have Dutch/French Language Pack? Thank you Thanks also to the uploader here. You are very generous :)

amaltiaOct 29th, 2011

@ amaltia I uploaded many of my torrents as anonymous, including this one... French learning pack (2.1 GB, folder 19) is included in but there's also an updated version I made recently (ignore the Polish description), 14.2 GB For Dutch look here Both of them were combined into folder 21 of

 GalitShpichterOct 30th, 2011

awesome thanks just what i needed..

mathewghostSep 14th, 2012

Please help seed these and keep these alive for a bit longer

samitotoMay 8th, 2013

Thanks for this usefull upload!

kaisidiusAug 31st, 2013

Great material but the main book, Routledge Intensive German Course, doesn't have the answer key. But you can download it for free in their own website.

luizfelpsApr 7th, 2014


morghathJul 1st, 2014

This is a nice collection but most books are for tourist, none of the book teach from the very begining , German alphabet !!

ovais909Nov 11th