Counter-Strike Source Patch from v34 to v61 +AutoUpdate

Counter-Strike Source Patch from v34 to v61 +AutoUpdate picture
This is a Patch!
Full work.
Contains AUTOUPDATER: /tools/Updater.exe


Engine error keeps popping out whenever i trie to start it "unable to load manifest file 'scripts/surfaceproperties_manifest.txt' HELP PLEASE!

aceisjasonMay 26th, 2011

This is a Patch!!! Not game!!!

 bruss.aka.durka9May 26th, 2011

can you give me the link to the game

aceisjasonMay 26th, 2011

 bruss.aka.durka9May 27th, 2011

@@ bruss.aka.durka9 STOP SPAMMING OTHERS TORRENTS AS THIS ONE : This is not a way of doing - even more if you apply for a trusted skull which i'll make sure wont be yours if you carry on . Thanks .

 DeGunMay 31st, 2011

BTW : yu doing good so one more reason to keep it on and act as a trusted uploader . Dont yu think ? GreetingZz

 DeGunMay 31st, 2011

What advantages?

 bruss.aka.durka9Jun 1st, 2011

too high ping in online gaming...plss help me solve this prob.........

lanjimsdkJul 7th, 2011