Flaser's Hentai Manga & Doujinshi Collection 2011.05.20

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:9159fb4401f6b4ec364e81e8d070e4b43a4b561c
This is version 2.2 of my torrent. It includes both hentai manga, and hentai doujinshi. All files are English scanlations.

It is a BIG collection, maybe the biggest (purely English) one to date. How big? 5884 titles, ~3400 doujinshi, ~1800 original stories, ~650 tankoubons. It contains almost everything available on FAKKU as well as loli- and shotacon material that can no longer be hosted there due legal restrictions by the advertisers.


To resume an earlier version please follow the instructions in the Readme!!!
To migrate version 2.0 first apply the patch included with version 2.1!


The content is highly structured and uses a strict naming scheme that's rarely varied (for anthologies and similar):

[File-ID] Franchise {Mangaka/Doujin Circle} - Title [Translator]

The torrent also includes a spreadsheet (in MS Excel 2002), to quickly search and locate files by franchise, artist, title, format (doujinshi/tankoubon) etc. From version 2.2 a Comic Rack database will also be supplied. Details on this can be read in the Readme.


Check this link for files needed to migrate version 2.0 and 2.1: http://sukebei.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=48862

FlaserMay 21st, 2011

i keep gettin the message sayin "this file appears to be corrupt and cannot be opened" but i want this file damnit, so whats wrong

rmullenJun 1st, 2011

Are you sure you have donwloaded the whole file?

FlaserJun 2nd, 2011

Thanks Flaser, downloaded it for an elapsed time of 19days, 34min and 49s pretty fucking ugly slow connection i have huh?, I became bald waiting for it.

mokakeykJul 19th, 2011

by the way guys when you extract the whole thing in your hard drive, dont paste it in any subfolder just in the hard drive with no folders enclosing it, i've encountered problems just by extracting them saying "the name is too fucking long please rename 433 files and copy them again blah blah blah" and for fucks sake, i have to repeat copying them, but eventually i got it done at last. thank you again Flaser, damn i have to get a new hd again.

mokakeykJul 19th, 2011

Why would you extract it in the first place? There are dozens of programs out there, that can read the images (jpg, png, etc.) straight out of the zip files. Heck! Even XnView can do it, not to mention proper comic readers like CDisplay or Comic Rack.

FlaserJul 20th, 2011

I just wanted to express my thanks to flaser for sharing this long list of h-manga and doujinshi!! thanks again

VisadioFeb 16th, 2012

Guys this isn't the latest version of Flaser's Collection ! Here's the latest one http://sukebei.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=63268 It's about 16 GB bigger. Have fun

Darky0399Sep 22nd, 2012