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Artist : Egypt Central
Album : White Rabbit
Label : Fat Lady Music
Genre : Hard Rock
Street Date : 2011-05-31
Quality : 269 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
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1. Ghost Town 3:44
2. White Rabbit 3:37
3. Goodnight 3:44
4. Kick Ass 3:18
5. Change 3:38
6. The Drug (Part One) 3:12
7. Down In Flames 3:53
8. Enemy Inside (Part Two) 4:12
9. Blame 3:19
10. Dying To Leave 3:26
11. Surrender 2:59
12. Backfire 4:05


Guess Who? White Rabbit, Straight Jacket!!!


The White Rabbit is an invitation to step out of ordinary time. You have
been chosen and it is not necessary to know or ponder why. It calls us out
from our ordinary life to go on an extraordinary journey which will lead us
to an experience which will transform us in some very significant way. It is
an invitation to enter the realm of the real, hidden, intuitive, unconscious
world that exists underneath what appears to be reality. The unlikely
pilgrim will be taken to places that he or she never dreamed possible and
the passage will cost more than what most are willing to freely give. If you
happen upon a White Rabbit, remain awake and alert to the direction you must
go and be ready to let go of everything you believed was important.
can continue what you were doing and ignore the invitation. The choice is
entirely up to you.

The return of Egypt Central has made for quite a journey in this young bands
career. Having success with their self titled debut cd, the four men from
Memphis, TN are poised to continue their impact with the release of their
new album White Rabbit and invite the listener to come along.

Entering the studio with producer Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, 12 Stones, etc.)
in early October 2010, they had a clear vision of what they needed to take
the next step of this journey and set out to accomplish just that. ôWe knew
we had solid songs, but when the opportunity came to work with Skidd, we
found the person that could not only make a great sounding record, but also
bring the best out of us.ö states lead singer John Falls. ôWe had a lot of
growing to do as men and the time was right to give our fans what they
deserved and what we knew we were capable ofàKick Ass Rock!ö

What came out of that recording session is White Rabbit. The body of work is
a twelve song compilation of heavy riffs, lyrics from the soul and strong
melodic hooks. Threaded throughout this collection of songs is a story of
consequences that occur when one accepts or declines the invitation from the
White Rabbit.

ôCollectively this is the best group of songs we have ever writtenö states
bassist Joey Chicago. ôTesting the patience of our fans during the writing
process was tough. But as a group we were not going to rush our sophomore
record out for the sake of time. We heard their questions as to why it took
so long, but once they hear this album, I think they will understand. We
wanted to get it right and put everything we had into White Rabbit.ö

Chicago continues, ôWhite Rabbit signifies the struggles we have gone
through individually and as a group. We all have our demons in our lives and
Egypt Central exists to be the voice or ear for fans to lean on. We want to
encourage them to never give up and to never quit on their dreams! ItÆs a
credo we live by because we have only begun our journey to bring Egypt
Central to the masses!ö

The first single and title track White Rabbit will be released Feb 2011 to
Active rock radio and iTunes and the full length CD will be released in May

They will hit the road in early 2011 and if there is one thing you can be
assured of is, once you see an Egypt Central show you canÆt wait for them to
return. In the words of drummer Blake Allison ôOur secret weapon has always
been our live show. I canÆt tell you how excited we are to play this new
batch of songs for our fans that have stuck by us and this is our invitation
for anyone new to Egypt Central to come along on this journeyà we hope you

great band...just saw their name and decided to dl it...not bad
like atrreyu or rise against. seed plz


Saw them live last weekend. Great music and stage performance :D

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Thanks Dude.Your the POOP.I,ve been waiting a few years for another album.

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YOU FUCKING ROCK!!! As a lifelong resident of the Memphis area, I've been hunting for this since word spread they were working on it. Haven't even been able to find it in stores here...WHERE THEY'RE FUCKING FROM!!! Thank You So So So Much!!!

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Your welcome :)

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