bleach season 10 english dubbed

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Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:May 31st, 2011
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bleach season 10 Arrancar vs. Shinigami

ep. 290 - 205

good quality

English dub



hey can u bring season 11 in english dub out cause i need season 11

zach96100Jun 1st, 2011

season 11 has not been dubbed yet

jan4207Jun 1st, 2011

**Correction to jan4207** The description says 290 - 205... but I believe you meant. 190 - 205. The list of files you have start at 190 and go to 205. Also, THANK YOU!! I've been looking for this season!

FoxHound10Jun 3rd, 2011

my bad this is my first torrent and "edit torrent" has been disabled

jan4207Jun 3rd, 2011

yea it hasen't been dubbed yet i just wana continue watching it cause i can't watch it in english subs they've got the first episode of season 11 out episode 206 but they hven't got eney other episodes dubbed yet im waiting 4 it to b dubbed

zach96100Jun 5th, 2011

thank u so much....could u also upload season 11 please???

bella292Jun 26th, 2011

please seed guys..

bella292Jun 26th, 2011

Do you know when season 11 will come out in eng dubb

Hunter__Jul 8th, 2011

@hunter_ July 9 2011

jan4207Jul 10th, 2011

Can you give me link for download

Hunter__Jul 13th, 2011

I need season 11 can you upload it?

Hunter__Jul 15th, 2011

I don't believe season 11 is dubbed yet, think dub is only up to 211? Thanks for this! Hope it will download, I'll remember to seed afterwards and hope other will do the same before the ratio dips to the leechers.

CandySlushJul 31st, 2011

Why are there different titles on the episodes ? And why are they packed in different containers ? MKV and AVI....

SleppmeginFeb 5th, 2012