Nagoya Basho - Day 02- July 2011 (Xvid-*.MPG, *.AVI)

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Uploaded:Jul 14th, 2011
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Nagoya - Day 02 2011
Welcome back Sumo fans! After a long hiatus, we finally have Televised Coverage from NHK. I have in this time, upgraded my PC and my ISP has also upgraded my service, which should get the seeding going great! (knock on wood, cross fingers, etc.)

Resolution:720 x 480
Source:Non-HD NTSC Cable source
Languages : Japanese and English
Processed through S-Cable and edited with “Sony Vegas Pro 9.0” (once per language) and recoded to .AVI with “Quick Media Converter 3.6.5”(again once per language) and finally combined with “AviMux_GUI” to create the dual language file.
This process as you can guess, takes about ten hours to complete: so please be patient! I’ll get ‘er done!
Files included in this Torrent;
-NDay02E.mpghigh quality English
-NDay02N.mpghigh quality Japanese
-Nagoya July 2011 Day 02.docx
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