Fame-Girls Ella Set 156

Uploaded:Jul 22nd, 2011
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Fame-Girls Ella Set 156

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thanks looks a good set,ta wmi

33wearhilton41Jul 22nd, 2011

NICE!! A set that I can yank my crank to.

r-se2Jul 22nd, 2011

thx WMI, as always, appreciate all you do. Ella's a tease but, although i think she's cuter, overall Virginia's got the "sexy, flirty, dam she's hot"ness going on. Sandra has fallen way behind. She's not very flirty, and the dept store poses have gotten really old. just my humble opinion. Doesn't mean I'm not hoping for more...

shdwolf1Jul 22nd, 2011

thank you wmi

mlod11Jul 22nd, 2011

Thank you as always for your work WMI,very much appreciated.

Chisinau_MoldovaJul 22nd, 2011

pic 24. yay!

d9lessJul 22nd, 2011

i think she is very sexy in this shoot and you can tell that she is older and her body is more mature it is a very good set

mlod11Jul 22nd, 2011

The last two Virgina sets have been fantastic but I am still waiting to pass judgement on the direction of the site. Because of how disappointed we have been in the past I still cannot believe that Virgina is going in the direction we wish she would. I don't see any indication that Ella is either. As far as Sandra she is on family leave right now so I don't expect anything out of her for now.

MotleyCJul 22nd, 2011

Thanks WMI

captainkhaos1966Jul 22nd, 2011

Thanks for sharing, do you happen to have her sets before 118 that you could repost?

Me2000Jul 26th, 2011