MK-ULTRA - Declassified Top Secret Papers - 3581 Pages

Uploaded:Aug 18th, 2011
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MK-ULTRA - Declassified Top Secret Papers - 3581 Pages

Originally the source files consisted of 3581 TIFF-files - however in such a form this information was virtually unusable. I've rearranged and converted the source files and I've created 9 big PDF-files out of them. They're all in sequential order now and you can conveniently read them just like a book. There's a lot of rather irrelevant information in there though. On the other hand there are pages in there that are pure dynamite. Everything you've been told about MK-ULTRA by the corporate controlled media was a lie - but I guess you already knew this. Twenty years back you would have been assassinated by the usual suspects for owning this type of information. You see, the government releases such information based on the assumption that people would never make the effort to read this anyway - they were wrong. You flood people with such an abundance of information hoping that the precious pearls will get buried under the sheer volume of irrelevant data. They use this wicked strategy with new laws and regulations too now. In this PDF-format you can quickly skip over the pages and discover the hidden pearls in a reasonable amount of time. And there are some true pearls in there. Remember the movie "The Manchurian Candidate"? It's all true...

Files: 9 PDF-Files - 3581 Pages!