Opie and Anthony-09-08-2011+ the Shit Hour

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Thursday's Opie and Anthony Show from SiriusXM.

Today's guests: Patton Oswalt, Nick Swarson, and Kevin Smith


Um...great show...except for the fact that you were probably multitasking on the record computer, causing the audio to not properly encode and sound like a staticy radio in playback. Or your receiver sounds like that. Do you do other stuff on the computer while the computer is recording? You shouldn't. Listen to the show right after 'Bucky Larson' joins. Record waves first, then dump down. Or use Jetaudio right to Ogg Vorbis. It's a common codec. Less sniffed than MP3, and it sounds better. And, yes, I will do this myself once I dump the sirius and get an XM receiver for stereo...

thevaporSep 10th, 2011