Uploaded:Sep 9th, 2011
Info Hash:a3cccf94ceb6f31a75033a8492776f17b9168f74
Welcome to Neo_X_Killua_45s' "Ark of Knowledge II" (inspired by Mark Passio)

This torrent is inspired by Mark Passio, I will be uploading, "Ark of Knowledge I" if II is successful.. Why, do you ask? Because that one will need 999.99 GB's of free space once that one is unpacked... Do you see where I'm going with this.. Sorry for any .rar errors, I tried my best, but the errors should be false, I moved the directories of some files to different folder locations, so they should be in there somewhere.. These ARKs are too good to split up.. Demonoid has too low of a size limit to get anything up besides books and images... ;(

Please try to Start w/ the "What On Earth Is Happening" folder (movies).




use the "Software.." folder for any issues opening a file.. If there are some files that linux or mac users have trouble viewing (probably located in the "Books.." folder for trouble reading random book files, use the internet!)

I'm sorry Ark II is not as neat as Ark I, but you are free to re-organize to fit your style of folder structure. This is a never-ending process, but remember, All is Love, Fear is an Illusion.

- Neo_X_Killua_45


Call me whatever you want, words are meaningless without action.. Sorry I am not as good of a speller as you. I will always try to better myself, while you will only bring others down to your egotistical level.

NXKSep 9th, 2011

It's easy to type words of hatred and anger.. Most people like this are usually very timid in the real world. I bet you usually don't look people in the eyes when you are not on a computer..

NXKSep 9th, 2011

My comments keep being deleted.. I guess the Egotistical MOD Velvet doesn't like being commented on..

NXKSep 9th, 2011

Seed if you download

NXKSep 9th, 2011

Hi I admire your spirit i will get the torrent in parts, checking if its relevant i understand the mod, but since we all have more then a few Tbytes nowadays 357 isnt that bad thanks for the effort keep up the good work

FwendlyJan 5th, 2012