Doctor Who (BBC - The Mega Collection - 1)

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Uploaded:Oct 7th, 2011
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This is a fairly complete collection of Doctor Who

It contains all the Classic Doctor Who seasons (1-26), the current Doctor Who (1-5), and the Doctor Who movie.
The current Series has the specials and confidentials, and is ready for Series 6, April 2011.

All Episodes are labeled by Season/Series Episode and Part (S01E001P01, S01E001P01R,S01E01)
The Classic seasons have several episodes that are reconstructed from the available bits, these have an R at the end.

There are some PDFs of the Wiki pages about each series and episode guides.

And the current version of several programs needed to play the Divx, Xvid, MPG, MP4 files, and read CBZ and PDFs are in the tools folder.

So you have:
Doctor Who Classic Seasons 1-26
Doctor Who New Series 1-5, with Specials and Confidentials

Enjoy and Seed!!


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RC_EbooksOct 21st, 2011

Thanks so much for this! Great torrent!

Dabaz96Oct 22nd, 2011

This is splendid and will be seeded indefinitely! Brilliant!

karlfunkNov 1st, 2011

Accidently deleted a part file and got an error message from uTorrent, so now i gotta start all over... oh well its worth it for this awesome collection of Doctor Who!! I will prioritize what i need to watch first, then i'll have to transfer everything to an external storage as it comes in. ATM only one seed, but here's hopin! Thanks for the torrent neil!

struggler420Nov 2nd, 2011

an epic collection... truly epic... one for the fans! well done neil, ignore the haters, leave 'em to the cybermen

manny_avatarJan 23rd, 2012

Thank you.

SebbychanJun 20th, 2012

I'm gonna need more space for this, but I'll definately get it next week. Thanks man!

MHX3Aug 11th, 2012

I'll never download that !!! OMG, I'll spend all my life !!!

zulliaSep 17th, 2012

good job, well done and thanks for making them available all in one go. i won't need them meself cos i've seen them all on telly, but i'm sure many new fans will love getting their heads around these (-:

derriqueOct 10th, 2012

You sir, or m'am, are the king, or queen, of coolness. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bkrdr393Nov 21st, 2012

Would you be so kind to upload a doctor who torrent just consisting the current series?

Nobody2512Dec 26th, 2012

Doctor Who - Series 1 - 6/Series 4/Doctor Who - S04E03 - Planet of the Ood.avi349.45 MiB Doctor Who - Series 1 - 6/Series 4/Doctor Who - S04E05 - The Poison Sky.avi349.8 MiB Season 4 Episode 4 is missing

whybugmeJun 10th, 2013

You have a true treasure here! Thanks!

adan0Jul 26th, 2013

This is amazing! BUT be aware that many of the Patrick Troughton stories were destroyed and the versions uploaded here (Highlanders, Undersea Menace, Moon Base, etc) are just a few rescued (terrible quality) stills with some audio and a description of the action as a subtitle - unless you're an absolute fanatic, not worth the dl. William Hartnell's fine and the rest (from Tom Baker onwards) is fantastic! Thanks Neil.

diverdivaOct 4th, 2013

Further to my last - have done a bit of research on Wikipedia. All of the Patrick Troughton stories up to 'The Dominators' are missing episodes or completely lost and are fan reconstructions only. From then on - seems BBC stopped destroying their archive footage.

diverdivaOct 4th, 2013

No- take that back. Still more episodes missing throughout Patrick Troughton. Check story titles on Wikipedia before downloading each one.

diverdivaOct 4th, 2013