The Duchess of Duke Street (BBC - Season 2 - Part 1)

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201: Family Matters (3 September 1977)
Louisa's only brother, ne'er do well Arthur (Martin Shaw), returns to London after a decade. Her mother pressures Louisa into offering him a job at the Bentinck, running the risk of alienating the rest of her staff.

202: Poor Catullus (10 September 1977)
When two high spirited Oxford students play a prank on Louisa, she goes along with the fun and finds a Professor of Classics pitching the woo to her. Meanwhile, Lord and Lady Haslemere come down from Yorkshire to shop for their London home.

203: A Lesson in Manners (17 September 1977)
Louisa takes a callow chauffeur in tow and tries to turn him into a 'proper gentleman,' when his kind, elderly and wealthy employer dies suddenly and leaves him the bulk of her estate.

204: Winter Lament (24 September 1977)
Louisa visits Lord and Lady Haslemere in Yorkshire and finds a bleak and desperately unhappy household.

205: The Passing Show (1 October 1977)
Louisa urges Charlie to get on with his life and a smooth and very suave actor beds Violet, who promptly gets the sack.

206: Your Country Needs You (8 October 1977)
With the outbreak of the Great War, the staff are galvanized to help in the effort and keep the hotel running as usual. Louisa takes in a Belgian refugee, a master pastry chef. Charlie enlists and leaves a worried Louisa as he departs for France .

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rajeshiOct 17th, 2011

Hi Rosie, I got the Duchess of duke street S2, but no sound, any chance of re putting on? luv the show my first time of watching it. thanks Ann

galsxtwoFeb 5th, 2012

Much appreciated, but - by the end of the third episode the sound is out of sync by about 10 seconds or more. Easy enough to correct when watching it on VLC, but it'll take some shuffling to get it on disc properly. Thanks for the effort.

erebus009Nov 14th, 2013