Second Sight - 3rd Person Shooter by -=zzDJChris=-

Uploaded:Oct 19th, 2011
Info Hash:81a42bb1164574f51fe2bd4535e5af81977c8ccc
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*** zzDJChris 2011 ***
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*** Second Sight ***
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**** Good Luck, & ENJOY!! ***
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I have found that this game requires
no crack etc to run. I'm (since writing
below) running the game fine, without the
CD, so I think you'll have just as much
I suggest you just mount the ISO, install
and enjoy...


Sorry Folks, but this is ONLY the (WHA???)
Game's Installation CD. What I mean is.
You will still need to obtain the CRACK!!!
(This so-far has been found not to be the
case. The game does not require a crack!).

However, this is the whole game, unchanged
from it's original state, I just bought it,
and haven't obtained the crack yet.
I Have simply RUSHED it out to you, but I
am getting the crack right now as we speak,
so look uot for it.
It will be here in a blink of an eye.
However, I might like to mention that I
have also NOT YET tried it as is. I don't
even know if it needs a crack yet, or if you
can't just mount the image using "DEAMON
TOOLS" etc, so really...

P.s. Please Seed!!!


Game works well, no bugs, very nice upload, thanks zzdjchris.

 Cerebral222Oct 20th, 2011

Thanks for your feed-back Cerebral222

zzdjchrisOct 24th, 2011

BTW. Do me a favor guys. I really need a Crack for "Assassins Creed" - The 1st one. If anyone can provide a working one for me, please leave the link here, and then I'll provide the game and crack together for you guys once I have them working together. zzDJChris.

zzdjchrisNov 1st, 2011