The Simpsons Season 20 Episode 6: Homer and Lisa exchange cross

Uploaded:Oct 24th, 2011
Info Hash:e9f7c7caa7dafea0a4033617a2f4c1adb285cdc0
"Homer and Lisa exchange cross words"
The Simpsons
Episode 6
Season 20
No subs.
File: .avi
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FPS: 23
Screen Size: 384x512


I know this is a stupid question, but.. ummm... how do I seed it without downloading? With BitLord

TheSimpsonssOct 25th, 2011

Seed your own torrent without downloading it? hmm, if you upload it yourself. there wouldnt be any 'downloading' Also sorry i took this account already.. The-Simpsons :-)

 rr-neOct 26th, 2011

Yeah, but i mean other people's torrents?

TheSimpsonssOct 31st, 2011

Okay forget it i didn't read my earlier comment and your answer clearly :P

TheSimpsonssOct 31st, 2011

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fukyou86Apr 4th, 2013