Assassins Creed Revelations v1.0.8 Android

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Uploaded:Nov 2nd, 2011
Info Hash:55cde5d0286cc12de7d889b4c421b1bf6befd902
Assassins Creed Revelations v1.0.8 Android picture
Requirements: Android 1.5
Overview: Uncover the final revelations of the brotherhood.

Play as Ezio and Altaïr at two different times in Constantinople’s great history and uncover the ultimate secrets of the Assassins’ Brotherhood. Eliminate plenty of dangerous enemies thanks to a wide range of assassination moves and tricks. Recruit assassins, and send them on missions so that they can gain experience to help you throughout the game, and use Da Vinci’s legendary flying machine in thrilling top-down levels.

-Released By The Market Militia-


What is this?

kik6666Nov 3rd, 2011

good game, tho it's hard for a touch screen phone

kik6666Nov 3rd, 2011

Its not a bad game but compared to most games available on here the gfx are a bit poor, nothing wrong with the game it runs smoothly on HTC and very enjoyable but just seems like a zx spectrum trying to compete with a modern day laptop, no offence meant to any 1 its just my opinion ...

fazoodleNov 15th, 2011

awesome game i got it for 360 and was pretty good so i hope this is the same

phillip15Nov 21st, 2011

i just downloaded it but i can't put it on my phone

muesiriMar 2nd, 2012

Works great thanks. --Droid Bionic--

ivory_soulMar 31st, 2012

I think it is stupid java port

pablasJul 19th, 2012