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Filename:......: Boxing.Pacquiao.vs.Marquez.III.12th.Nov.2011.PDTV.x264-Sir.Paul
Release.Date...: 12.11.2011
UK Air.Date....: 12.11.2011
Capper ........: Sir. Paul
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Spoke too soon again. D*mn me and my big mouth. You can delete my last two now.

necklemancerNov 13th, 2011

just 2 hours downloading ... not bad

leinralitoNov 13th, 2011

this is primetime version

mentallyoursNov 13th, 2011

A10 V10 sky sports version with Amir Khan commentating......thanks uploader great copy!

rdgb76Nov 13th, 2011

thanx uploader great stuff. I've downloaded in 7 min flat. I will be seeding at 1MB/s while watching the fight. cheers

RedBusterdNov 13th, 2011

Best VERSION PRIME TIME!! Telling the truth about who really WON the fight...Biggest Robbed in history of Boxing!!!

pen3tradorNov 14th, 2011

thanks for this... P.S. i think its a draw..

vinx02Nov 14th, 2011

primetime commentators are how they will like pacquiao if they hate him when he knock out ricky hatton...LOL

battuck27Nov 14th, 2011

marquez cheat! look at the foot of marquez. he always step the foot of manny that why manny can't not move properly...easy lock target shet!!

toyota3Nov 15th, 2011

marquez cheat! look the foot of marquez just in the movie Real Steel LOL!!!

toyota3Nov 15th, 2011

yeah, these brtiton hates Pacquiao...haterz!

bobonburgos2k11Nov 15th, 2011

try to watch the uploaded video taken from hbo, it was clear pacquiao wins the fight...aside from that watch videos from youtube how marquez cheat pacquiao many times...pacquiao is the "mexican killer"...LOL

battuck27Nov 15th, 2011


bragazar1710Nov 27th, 2011

I'm Mexican. I think Marquez is a great boxer and Pacquiao is without doubt THE BEST! Pacquiao has my respect and admiration.

turokcitoDec 5th, 2011