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Uploaded:Nov 13th, 2011
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Family Guy Seasons 1-10

(1,2,3,4,5,6,7 are SD and 8,9,10 are HD)






are all of them censored or uncensored?

daanish_91Nov 17th, 2011

Yes please do let us know if these ones are censored/blleped during swearing or not. Thank you for the torrent.

1martandJan 3rd, 2012

Yes please let us know if these are uncensored. Thank you for this upload either way :)

JasmineTJan 29th, 2012

We need more seeders. I would also like to say that I have been getting a lot of failed downloaded MB... please rectify this... But thanks bro, great torrent.

stopsoapFeb 4th, 2012

I might also add that the speeds are utter crap. Come on, 200 KB/second...

stopsoapFeb 5th, 2012

@daanish_91 Yes they are uncensored but i have to say i was expecting Seasons 1-7 to be HD(720) but appears as it is only seasons 8-10 that are HD(720)

hasfas22Feb 6th, 2012

Nevermind... didn't read through the description

hasfas22Feb 6th, 2012

Thanks for the great upload! I was missing a lot of these in HD. I would like to mention s08e21 is not in HD...probably because there isn't one available anywhere. Not a problem, just a heads up. Thanks again!

xkodxAug 23rd, 2012

Season 1-6 are UNcensored (and excellent quality even with their 512x384 resolution), Season 7-10 are CENSORED with the exception of the Star Wars episodes s08e20 and s09e18. Big thanks nonetheless, tough to find the real uncensored stuff anywhere!

JaquesantNov 18th, 2012


fookjuDec 27th, 2012

Jaquesant thanks for letting us know about the season 7-10 being censored, it saves everyone a LOT of time :)

irikimossFeb 5th, 2013

Thank you for sharing. It is truly appreciated and thanks to Jaquesant for that info too.

evilg0dMay 27th, 2013