New Look - New Look (2011)

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New Look - New Look (2011) picture
New Look - New Look (2011)

mp3 - 320kbps

1. Nap On The Bow
2. Relax Your Mind
3. Numbers
4. A Light
5. The Ballad
6. Teen Need
7. You & I
8. So Real
9. Drive You Home
10. Everything

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really digged this whole album:)

luvtpb123Nov 17th, 2011

@luvtpb123 me too, got to be one of the best of 2011 - click on my name and check out my other releases which you might like too.

 winto_bungleNov 17th, 2011

Can you upload this in FLAC please?

arieladarNov 22nd, 2011

@arieladar i dont do FLAC uploads, i dont know if its available in FLAC (except for purchase), i dont have it in FLAC or hardcopy and you cant up convert 320 mp3 to FLAC, sorry. if you want a higher quality version you will have to buy it, if you just want the FLAC format i suggest doing it yourself.

 winto_bungleNov 23rd, 2011

Thanks for having the common sense NOT to use Joint stereo!!

g8asoJan 31st, 2012