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Uploaded:Nov 21st, 2011
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Big.Time.Rush.S02E28.Big.Time.Interview.720p.HDTV.h264-OOO.mkv picture
Here is again the new episode of Big Time Rush

Enjoy !


@j_wet2, Same question here!! can u upload in .AVI instead of .MKV? quality is the same but size is much smaller, so faster download for us en faster upload for u. there are a lot of people that can not play .MKV files. And tnx for all the upload you've done Greetz DjordiU

djordiuNov 22nd, 2011

@artmis21 and @djordiu No sorry, but .mkv is the most stable .avi is not supoorted by all and mkv is, like tv it supports mkv but not avi it's because avi (divx) is not an official codec for TV's and this is a tv rip.. and everyone want's MKV and not avi and MKV laggs less then avi if you really want avi try 480p

j_wet2Nov 22nd, 2011

how can I play these files? I got vlc media player but I'm not sure if it works... nice uploading work

jordivdhelmNov 22nd, 2011

it automaticly works on vlc any other players works with k-lite codec don't use Divx, cuz it laggs and it sucks

j_wet2Nov 23rd, 2011

@artmis21 -- if you check out -- all of the episode's seem to be mislabeled wrong everywhere because when ul'd ep 23 & 24 were labeled incorrected and skipped to 25/26 --- HOWEVER all of the episodes that have aired ARE already uploaded on PB right now. Here are the names and ep#'s (some people have labeled them differently but these are the one's I have dl'd and the order they aired. s02e25 Big Time Contest aired 10/15 s02e26 Big Time SuperHeroes 10/29 s02e27 Big Time Secrets 11/5 This is not listed anywhere as an episode # but is labeled ep26 most often on here -- Music Sounds Better With You Special ) 11/12 s02e28 Big Time Interview 11/19 NEXT EPISODE TO LOOK FOR s02e29 Big Time Move (according to

thisispurxNov 24th, 2011

I'm not sure if you come back to check your comments, but is there anywhere that you could upload Big Time Move? It aired last Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012. S02E29. It has not be ULed anywhere. Victorious The Breakfast Bunch aired on the same night and that has been upped but Big Time Move has not. It would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your time!

thisispurxFeb 5th, 2012