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Old Nova documentary on the Apollo missions. A bit dry and dated. Small continuous line scene at bottom. VHSrip. 58 minutes. Please help keep seeded when weak.

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From the PBS website

One Small Step-
Part one of a two-part series on the subject of man in space, NOVA examines the history of NASA—from the origin of the space race through the triumph of the Apollo programs. By tracing the history of three key programs—Mercury, Gemini, Apollo—we show how the basic challenges surrounding space flight were answered: rendezvous and docking, life support, weightlessness, space sickness, equipment reliability and so on.
Original broadcast date: 01/25/78

The Final Frontier-
Part 2 (not part of this torrent)NOVA looks ahead to the future, post-Apollo and the role that man in space will play, including the possibility of space colonization—huge orbiting space stations where people live and work in an earth atmosphere under artificial gravity.
Original broadcast date: 02/01/78