(Blues) Mississippi Fever

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Label: (Self released)
Styles: Blues rock
Year: 2010
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[4:16] 1. Nothin' But the Blues
[3:00] 2. High Heels and A Mini Skirt
[3:18] 3. It Keeps Raining
[3:12] 4. I Ain't Superstitious
[5:05] 5. Bad Intentions
[3:48] 6. Devonshire Blues
[2:55] 7. Domino Shuffle
[3:35] 8. What You Need
[3:35] 9. Messin' With the Kid
[4:43] 10. Too Much Alcohol
[3:40] 11. Devonshire Blues (Acoustic Version)

Formed by former Studebaker John Bassist Ted May, former Walker Texas Ranger Session Guitarist Brent Barker, and veteran sideman Tom May (who has played with members of Allman Brothers), Mississippi Fever members have shared the stage with classic blues greats such as Ike Turner, Little Milton and Chuck Berry. Brent (Guitar) and Ted (Bass) both were featured in Guitar Player magazine for their inspired playing. The sound of the band contains influences as diverse as Buddy Guy, 70s-era ZZ Top, and Cream. They produce a sound steeped in the tradition of blues, but performed with the aggressive energy of rock. Catch the Fever today!