Rosetta Stone V4.1.10

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Rosetta Stone V4.1.10

I downloaded this from the rosetta Stone website

It doesn't have a crack but hopefully someone will make one

thanks everyone this was brought to you by USHER


I am waiting for v4 crack...

KartosDec 6th, 2011

No need to thank me all at once just please seed

usherdDec 8th, 2011

FYI: Your Rosetta Stone V.3 language disks work with V.4 as well

usherdDec 8th, 2011

Oh, I didn't know you could use the same language discs. Is there any difference in the lessons from v3 to v4, though? I assume we'd never be able to play the games, or use the online tutoring with a cracked application. Either way, thanks for the upload! I'll be sure to check it out.

straightflushinDec 11th, 2011

The lessons are the same they just added new features to the overall package

usherdDec 11th, 2011

From now on all torrents from me will end in ENCORE Trusted Torrents

usherdDec 14th, 2011

Hi usherd, Can you please download and share the Mac app, I could hopely make it work. Thanks

dumming0Jan 5th, 2012

Usherd great find. Like dummin0 I am keeping an eye out for the mac version. Thanks again.

Ace06Jan 8th, 2012

Thanks for the upload but its kinda useless without the crack.

ozy123Jan 10th, 2012

Just an FYI -- if you're waiting for a crack for this software- - you're SOL. . .it will not happen, not because it cannot, but because there is literally no point. If we started doing V4, we'd either keep the old V3 disks, or move over to V4 -- but the latter choice would provide nothing tangible for a pirate because the advantages of V4 are purely online things we'll never be able to access. So. . .there's no point in a pirate having V4. Just go back to 3.X.X -- hell two more languages were discontinued in V4 anyway (Danish, and Welsh I believe, Thai was discontinued in 3, along with several others).

emonquenteFeb 1st, 2012

ok I understand that alot of you want the mac version I will get that for you but it may take a while as my internet is not very fast and my current way of doing this is to download the whole website I will try to also post a link so you can download straight from the website

usherdFeb 4th, 2012

and emonquente you are right its not practical so people dont wait for a crack but if someone makes one I will post it for you

usherdFeb 4th, 2012

Rosetta Stone Updated Version 4.1.15 for PC and Mac

usherdFeb 5th, 2012

A crack for v4 wouldn't be totally impractical. Levels 4 and 5 of Chinese and Russian are only available using v4. But, if you aren't learning those languages, stick with what you have. AFAIK, no languages were discontinued in v4. Welsh and Danish were removed in v3.

straightflushinFeb 6th, 2012

Would a V4 disc (like L4, V4 Russian) work with V3?

Sevensevenseven777Mar 15th, 2012

It works perfectly. Here's a quick guide how to install it and for those who are STUCK AT 'LOADING YOUR COURSE' : 1. disconnect from internet, install Rosetta Stone 4.1.10, then install the update and then copy the crack. For those who get stuck at 'Loading Your Course', i had the same problem, i just deleted my old account and created a new one and it worked.

SiN4Jun 5th, 2013