Garmin CN Australia - New Zealand NT 2012.40 Unlocked Mapsource

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Garmin City Navigator Australia and New Zealand NT 2012.40 Unlocked Mapsource

Install Mapsource on the PC (NOT included)

Decompress with Winrar and copy the .gmap folder in:

C:Documents and SettingsusernameApplication DataGARMINMaps

(ProgramData is an hidden folder, unhide it before)

Start Mapsource, select the new map.

The installation and the maps are already unlocked.

Unlocked 3D Buildings file included.
ASR,G2S,JCV,SQLite,TimeZone file included.

Have fun !!


fake it doesnt work,,wast of time,,,broken files,

shakuur2007Dec 20th, 2011

How to create a full .img file with the whole file? for example i want the whole .img file for Europe, but the only thing is availble is mapsource files? Many thanks and keep up the good work Ipmark, got plenty of stuff from you :)

MasterQtDec 22nd, 2011

Look here: There are Western and Eastern maps of Europe

IpmarkDec 23rd, 2011

Man you don't have a clue. This torrent work like a charm. If you do exactly what uploader is write you will have no truble! For me working great ! THX

frutiJan 13th, 2012

Thx, work great one question where should i put 3d file? with .gmp folder?

ncaamad3Mar 9th, 2012

Put the 3D Buildings file in the same folder of the map. Remember that it will works only on GPS models that support this specific feature.

IpmarkMar 12th, 2012

Garmin City Navigator Australia - New Zealand NT 2013.10 is out !!

IpmarkMar 15th, 2012