Opie and Anthony-01-10-2012+Shit Hour

Uploaded:Jan 11th, 2012
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We start the show talking about the movie 50/50 and a weird email Ant got from Louis CK. We listen to the new Van Halen song and talk about the band. We talk about Jay-Z's new baby and listen to the song he put out about her. We talk about how good The Beatles were and play audio of Jesse Ventura talking about the Chris Kyle allegations on Alex Jones' show. Jim Florentine joins the show, and we get Chris Kyle and Alex Jones on the phone to give their takes on the Ventura-punching story. Jim Florentine talks about his one man show and sports. He talks about his trip to the Van Halen show with Norton and listens to the band's new song. Jim tells more molestation stories and talks about his kid. Ant brings up last night's episode of Intervention. And finally, Sam hosts After O&A Live where he talks to Mars and Troy about dance music.