Tommy Doomsday & The Solar Revolution - Solar Revolt (2010 S

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Tommy Doomsday & The Solar Revolution
Solar Revolt [2010]
Released via BigBar Productions

Tommy Doomsday is one of Several Talented underground artists in the Connecticut area. He has produced Hundreds of songs, and is fluent with almost every style of music he works with. He is constantly pushing boundaries in music and art in General.
Solar Revolt was his first released single in 2010 after working in music for 10 years. He is currently Producing a Hip Hop EP under the Aka of "Odis" and a new Full length rock album.
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Track Listing

1. Solar Revolt [5:37]

2. Nothing But The Water ft. Alyssa Marie (Grace Potter inspired cover) [4:17]

3. Loves Got Me Burning Up [3:52]

4. Solar Revolt (Radio Cut) [4:35]

5. Solar Revolt (Rockbottom remix) [5:37]

6. Acoustic Revolt (hidden track) [4:49]

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