Phil Hendrie Show - Classic Collection Bits Pt 2 (97-2006)

Uploaded:Jan 23rd, 2012
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Phil Hendrie Show - Classic Collection Bits PART 2(97-2005)

Austin Amarka
Bud dickman
chris norton
lloyd bonafide
Art griego

Classic bits, all bits no talking stuff, most clips are NOT in my other uploads or the classic complete collections, cuz this is in the CHARACTERS section of phils site...really great torrent esp if ur getting other people into phil

yea the day is here, i was actually thinking if this day would ever come, the very last phil hendrie torrent released on piratebay

took me a lil while to realize i ripped his entire site onto piratebay
his classic collections yrs , his CHARACTERS section, his recent section
(which i never liked i jus upload recent for some people who want to see how bad he is now)

since he doesn't produce any quality shows anymore i feel the phil saga is over and the classic collections will go on till the end of time,

its like the Simpsons, the classics are always the best, the new stuff , watered down, no soul no personality no family talk no nothing, jus the same boring lines over and over no funny indepth characters anymore ,

i was reading on the forums oline and it seems phil hendrie was never a ONE man act in reality he had many producers , writers, engineers, sound people, that helped him , from the lines to the funny bits to the topics to the flow, without them the show is just him talking to himself , and with the primere talk networks out the picture for him after he came back from retirement, he doesnt have the back ground sounds, and no more mass funny callers ,

the recent ones i heard was so bad ,stick to the classics, so here it is ,
NOW every section of his site has been categorized and uploaded and seeded , thx everyone!

with his site now up to 10 bucks/month , im canceling subscription and getting lost in the classics, i even wrote a few times to them saying these things, he jus needs money now, his artform is gone

NOTE : my collection 10 gigs of phil 1999-2005 are ALWAYS seeded jus gotta wait till u catch a seed



Every phil hendrie Release ever:

atndigcrkJan 23rd, 2012

Phil Hendrie Show - Best of 1994 WIOD (CLASSIC) Phil Hendrie Show Best of 1998 - Chilling Day For Talk Radio also upped these , 2 show cds , sold for 20 bux each , i bought and upped jus for yall , lol i really got his entire site on piratebay lol THX SEEDERS

atndigcrkJan 28th, 2012

This is a good collection. Thanks for the effort. However, one can compress a file into an mp3 once and only once. If an mp3 is compressed again (twice), lets say into one that takes up less space --then the audio turns to crap and cannot be restored. Nearly 1/3 of these files went through multiple compressions.

TeachemMay 15th, 2012

Thank you SO much for these uploads. I've just about got all of them now. But I notice that the official Hendrie site seems to have filled in the gaps that are missing from these torrents (Dec.2000 - Sep.2001; Jun.2002 - Jun.2003). Any chance of you (or anyone else) getting these on TPB ever? Then the archive would truly be complete!

SaberlJan 4th, 2013