Aussie Slots - Aussie Pokies for Android Collection #1

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Uploaded:Feb 2nd, 2012
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Aussie Slots - Aussie Pokies for Android Collection #1


sorry having issues submiting here.. founf have to use the bottom link and make sure upload not on front as it adds 2.. hope they get site fixed better anyhow--- the missing description === I found these on various webpages. I thought i put it in a collection. Im sure theres more from the same developers out there but couldnt find them so if you have some perhaps share your collection Enjoy and Help to seed please Note! I found on my phone they could initially crash or lock up but seem to sort them selves out after 3 tries they would crash on click play or when got the free spins I found them more stable if choose 6 reels i suspect it something to do with the phones screen may work better on larger screen androids my phone is a vodafone 858 low entry level

 psspssFeb 2nd, 2012

for android 2.2 to 4.0 phones

 psspssFeb 2nd, 2012

man be lots of hit and runs with this note you can play these in the android emulator i uploaded also theres a 4 real aussie machine emulator with 50 lions and Indians as well out there you can play the real poker machine roms although the controls are a bit to work out. google or search torrent engines for it for pc only though

 psspssFeb 2nd, 2012

you might like this.. these are running REAL pokies not rewritten for pc or phone etc

 psspssFeb 15th, 2012