Opie and Anthony-02-02-2012+Shit Hour

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Today on O&A, we start the Groundhog Day show with all the different Groundhogs from around the countries. We talk about climate change and dealing with death as a kid. Mitt Romney flubbed and said he didn’t care about poor people and a guy calls in and gets pulled over.

Rich Vos comes by and gets in to an argument with Jim about Jim paying Bonnie for some work, and Jim sleeping with his ex-wife. Opie talks about his dinner with Vos in Atlantic City. Vos says he is afraid of the pythons in Florida. We listen to the Groundhog announcement, and Vos singing. Dr. Steve sent in a worst best man speech that we listen to.

Sam hosts After O&A Live where he talks to Roland and Troy about their new friendship.


is 02-01-2012 available?

karmannghia68Feb 3rd, 2012

Are you writing these long fucking descriptions? All we really need is like it was before a short list of who's on the show today. If you cant do that becuase you're busy, I understand, BUT DONT FUCKING WRITE THESE LONG STUPID BIBLES where I have to dip my nose into like a bear and find out if I want to download this shit or not. Thanks for the upload! Keep up the good work! /adam

addeps2Feb 3rd, 2012

Ahh Adam doesn't get the description he wants, you poor baby :)

buttboybastardFeb 4th, 2012

He is getting the description for Audible

MikeMantisFeb 4th, 2012

Sorry folks, TPB is becoming an unreliable place to post the shows. Go here. http://kat.ph/user/webdoc58/uploads/

webdoc58Feb 8th, 2012

What I want to know in the comments, is which shows have little jimmy and which do not. He's a boring mic hoar. It's the O&A show not the the Little Jimmy with O&A show.

triple_faultFeb 10th, 2012