The Terence McKenna OmniBus 2012 - Part 01 of 12 - Who Am I?

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The Terence McKenna OmniBus 2012 - Part 01 of 12 - Who Am I? picture
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Greets Fellow Senients,

It's great to see so many new subscribers,
like you knew this was going to be a nexus of some kind,
and you aren't wrong.

To come, through 2012, will be a series of previously unreleased
Terence Mckenna clips which will essentially; "Unpack the Mckenna Mojo",
to quote Dennis Mckenna. It should also tie in nicely with the release
of his book this year; 'The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss'.

TMOM will be released as a series of twelve twelve minute clips,
one per month; each clip will be on a specific subject, culminating on
21st December 2012, when Terence Mckenna's speculations and predictions,
in his own words, will be released.

At the moment, we're thinking about a VJ mix with music from various acid-jazz
and ambient composers, local and international.

If you feel you've got something to contribute, musically, CGI, or in any other way,
please get in touch. For example, our financial model still has a way to go-:>

I will not be reposting any of this to FB or Twitter just yet, as I feel that
this community has put in the time, so for now, it's only from here that
you'll be able to pickup the updates and downloads...

See you all downstream!

Schwann Cybershaman


Firstly, welcome to all our new subscribers!

As promised, here's the first clip in the new Terence Mckenna series, incidentally, uploaded at 2.12 AM 31st January. Spread the word!

Chapter One - Who am I? - The unpacking of the Mckenna Mojo begins!

In case you only just got here, the 'Terence Mckenna Omibus - TMOM-2012', is a series of 12 clips, each 12:12:12 in duration.
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The 12 minute High Definition video (221MB .mp4 file) is only available from the Headspace server
on the link while access lasts. Download restrictions may apply because we're hoping that you'll overload the server

Chapter One is not being released via FB, or any other social network right now as we're trying to figure
out how many of you are interested in Terence's 2012 predictions before our financial model kicks in.

Please feel free to take advantage of our slackness and share this release as an exclusive scoop,
till it is released by social networks on 12 February.

Feedback is essential. Like what would you like Terence to talk about next?

Enjoy the show!

Michael (Schwann Cybershaman) Kawitzky
Headspace Studios