Katy Perry - Part Of Me [Single 2012]

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Katy Perry - Part Of Me [Single 2012] picture
Katy Perry - Part Of Me [Single 2012]

TITLE : Part Of Me
ALBUM : Part Of Me - Single
FROM : Itunes +
COVERART : Included
YEAR : 2012

Part Of Me is a song by Katy Perry. A Demo originally was leaked in 2010 and Perry decided to record the song for her re-release of world famous Teenage Dream - The Complete Confection.

Part of Me was performed at the Grammy awards and will have an accompanying video. This is Perry's first release since The One That Got Away and first since the divorce of ex-husband, Russell Grant.


Russell Grant huh?

hxcj88Feb 19th, 2012

Don't judge my editing mistakes lol

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good download, but a bit quiet, could have better quality audio, but still good and fast download. thanks.

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It is a direct Itunes rip and all Itunes audio have the same volume (:

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iTunes version is good for playing it in my car! Thank you, please keep seeing!

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Bitrate info?

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Volume is fine Bitrate is Constant 256

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