The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:102e4b85ad7253de11a8b3099468c4ad82826ed7
Another one of my files, good to go, right outta the .rar.

Skyrim executable (TESV.exe) version:

Bethesda update numbre: 4

Patch version 5

As I say, these games are extremely difficult to set up often, so I found it necessary to create my own process.

Seed and comment comment.


I have a problem. Right before the execution part, when the man tells his kid to get inside the house, the game crashes and instantly goes to my desktop. Resolution set to low, running well. Any ideas why that?

pootisheavyJun 26th, 2013

Everything is fine.. Except I cannot start a game, I click "New" and it stays on a loading screen and only music plays! Please help. I have it on PS3 but I want mods :3

BeastlyJacobJul 10th, 2013


BeastlyJacobJul 12th, 2013