L5 Part 1 2012 720p x264-VODO

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Size:1.11 GB
Uploaded:Feb 25th, 2012
Info Hash:3bedb622c03e93cad5fdf374ede0ebeca8cfa54e
VODO proudly presents:
TITLE..........: L5
DIRECTOR.......: Stanley Von Medvey
YEAR...........: 2012
GENRE..........: Hard Sci-Fi
RUNTIME........: 27 min

LANGUAGE.......: English
AUDIO..........: AAC
VIDEO..........: H.264
RESOLUTION.....: 1280 x 720
SIZE...........: 1093 MB

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So I'm having some troubles figuring this out...is this related to the IMAX production "L5: First City in Space" that came out in the late 90's?

werdbootyFeb 27th, 2012

Independent film. Bullshit Global warming propaganda. Watched it, don't bother.

nuksecurityFeb 28th, 2012

Awful Don't download.

nuksecurityFeb 28th, 2012

The acting's pretty bad, but i don't think it's THAT bad- worth a watch if you like sci-fi (it's only 23mins anyway).

psy_monFeb 29th, 2012

Its not that bad. I would go as far as even say it was decent. Your meat probably needs a break between porn videos to recoup a 'wee bit, this 23 minute vid may allow for a 'wee bit of skin healing as well.Pun intended. At the very least it'll give the lotion time to do some good on that raw wanker you're sporting now a days. lol ;-)

GrimieBMar 1st, 2012

#2 @nukebonehead global warming is propaganda?!? really?? have you ever looked outside? been to another country? the weather IS CHANGING and human development is the cause. stop drinking the bush-kool-aid. twat.

liquidmonkeyMar 15th, 2012

I actually was pretty blown away. I mean, you gotta take it for what it is. They had a budget of $15,000. They release it for free via torrent. Sounds like they're in it more to do something cool than to make a profit. It isn't going to be like a $50 million movie. But given the constraints they are operating within, I'd say it's damn impressive. Well worth checking out.

teamosilMar 23rd, 2012

Very nice movie. Can't wait for the next part.

kijkekijkenietkopeMar 26th, 2012

fantastic premise..great stuff for a small budget ..cant wait for part 2 ..thanks I love gigantic spaceships

crumruginSep 5th, 2012

Any news on part two ?

dixiediverJun 10th, 2013