The Human Genome Project

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Uploaded:Feb 28th, 2012
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This is the entire Human Genome Project. The entire human genome, millions of lines of seemingly random letters, each one of which makes us who we are.

Each .7z file contains a .txt with the genome data. Use some text editor that doesn't try to load the whole file into RAM all at once. Try something like Emacs.

This is only a high compressed version of an original upload (3.3GB).

Thanks & Seed!


Who's DNA is it? Bill Clinton's? Bill Gate's the ARSE.

e8hffffMar 2nd, 2012

e8hffff, I have no idea. But, there is only a way to find it ... ! 8P

galaxistMar 7th, 2012

Can you still seed? I really want to have this in my library. I download with very slow speed. Or can anyone else from where I can download the HGP?

em1111May 6th, 2013