Mario Party 9 Wii WBFS

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Size:956 MB
Uploaded:Mar 1st, 2012
Info Hash:1b1c206d553ef0d96c6588210e2d4a99007cfe54
Mario Party 9 
WBFS format.

To convert to iso, download Wii Backup Manager. It will convert WBFS to ISO so the game can be burned to disc.

WBFS format makes the file size much smaller.

Tested and working on a NTSC Wii.


Thank you for WBFS version. In Canada we have Download limit and WBFS its our saving. Thanks again

kibubMay 12th, 2012

@Blacker.Death.Metal I'm guessing your not familiar with wbfs format lol. the actual game itself may actaully only be 1GB, but the disc is 8GB. basically they waste the entire disc and write "filler" data for the other 7GB. super smash brothers brawl is a 6GB game, so they write 2 GB of junk data to the disc. I have no idea why, but im guessing it looks more professional if the disc is completely used?

D34THW41K3RJun 28th, 2012

but, in wbfs format, they nix all the filler junk, and you have just the game data. in other words, no filler data equals smaller game size. thus is the advantage people see in wbfs games. btw, sorry for double posting lol

D34THW41K3RJun 28th, 2012

This game is ok but mario party 8 is better

122rocopJul 8th, 2012


shakespeare4711Nov 26th, 2012

Do you know you can play on your PC the original one with this ISO with a emulator called Dolphin? =)

hamza62240Jan 8th, 2013

Works great but since its PAL you'll have to FORCE NTSC, thanks so much!!

cyndyluuJan 6th, 2014