The Descendants (2011) 720p x264 - 750MB - YIFY

Type:Video > Highres - Movies
Size:751.42 MB
Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:Mar 4th, 2012
Info Hash:d91173305988a03063296d16fed920497746fb26
The Descendants (2011) 720p x264 - 750MB - YIFY picture


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[FORMAT]:.......................[ MP4
[GENRE]:........................[ Comedy | Drama
[FILE SIZE]:....................[ 750MB
[RESOLUTION]:...................[ 1280*536
[ASPECT RATIO]:.................[ 2.35:1
[FRAME RATE]:...................[ 23.976 fps
[LANGUAGE ]:....................[ English
[SUBTITLES]:....................[ English (SRT File)
[RUNTIME]:......................[ 1h 55mn
[SOURCE]:.......................[ 720p

With his wife Elizabeth on life support after a boating accident, Hawaiian land baron Matt King takes his daughters on a trip from Oahu to Kauai to confront the young real estate broker, who was having an affair with Elizabeth before her misfortune.




Let me be the first one to thank you for this! :)

Tgiri2Mar 4th, 2012

I cannot download a movies anymore because the GET FILE TORRENT Options is no more...Anyone out there can help me how to download a movies? I am using UTORRENT 3.1.2 updated but still not working..Pleeeeeeaaaaasssssssss hheelllpppp meeee...

saydonsayMar 4th, 2012

@saydonsay Download Vuse torrent app, its free. Then click on the magnet torrent above.

jinqxMar 4th, 2012

@jinqx So many thanks..your advise are appreciated..

saydonsayMar 4th, 2012

@saydonsay just click on 'GET THIS TORRENT' link on the page, seen next to 'horse shoe' symbol, thats magnet link. Your torrent client uTorrent 3.1 is capable of using it/working with it and downloading the torrent. hope you get it to work.

x5x5x71Mar 4th, 2012

@ jinqx I'd download already the VUZE torrent but since then still not working.. @ x5x5x71 I been clicked so many times the GET THIS TORRENT option but still nothing happen.. anybody else can help me..

saydonsayMar 4th, 2012

Thanks for the up!!

xBSAACHRIS434xMar 4th, 2012

@saydonsay try another torrent site and it might work out better.

thefan23Mar 4th, 2012

Please YiFy: This one is too big,

djabelperezMar 5th, 2012

Thanks YIFY !!! Could you please upload Steven Speilbergs Munich (2005) BRRip. Cud only find in GB`s not MB`s

lucifer2012Mar 5th, 2012

@YIFY Can you upload Philadelphia in mp4 format please ? and also Forest gump

husdudeMar 5th, 2012

for all that cannt download the file,, i guess i have sollution,, 1. right click on { get this torrent } 2. click on { copy link address } 3. open utorrent and click file 4. click on { add torrent from url } 5. finish and u are ready to go...

bonjirioishiiMar 5th, 2012

@bonjirioishii, thanks that was really good!!

niloo7Mar 6th, 2012

hi, since the torrent files have gone. am not able to download using magnet links. i ve had to register just to get this sorted out, even registration does not help. tried all the options here. nothing works. please help.

boybombayMar 9th, 2012

@bonjirioishii You are right.. I got it... Thank you very much mate..

saydonsayMar 13th, 2012

For all who can not download Magnet link Download Vuze Go to tools----options------interface------ click on reset(at the bottom) click save(bottom left) Good to go

Rex86555Mar 13th, 2012

Is it just me or is everyone seeing just a magnet link and no torrent link for almost all the recent torrents.

faizaan10Mar 20th, 2012

Thank bro.

as85Mar 28th, 2012

For anyone having a problem with the download link not working, just click on get torrent. When the torrent opens in your downloader, it will look like the file is empty. It is not. Click "save" as you would normally. Look in your downloader and you will see that your file is, in fact, downloading. Do not despair over what looks like an empty window... everything you need for happy viewing is there. YIFY .... thanks again, hombre!

evathJul 30th, 2012

A&V=10/10 Thanks YIFY.

josh12689Feb 19th, 2013

Thnx to the uploader! Movie was OK as i expected it to be! Storyline is intelligent and entertaining and acters were OK! I usually watch all the movies at because they have HD's but they didn't have this one so im happy to have piratebay :) Good torrent quality - A9 V9,

swastonoFeb 27th, 2013

YIFY is the King of the Pirate Bay

chillex123May 22nd, 2013

great quality!! thank you!!

174Oct 14th, 2013

YIFY, the man (or the team)!

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