Major Complete Series

Type:Video > Movie clips
Size:12.03 GB
Spoken language(s):Japanese
Uploaded:Mar 4th, 2012
Info Hash:ead4aaac4013a0a0cae3f2eb0d857e0b03b337d4
Major Season 1 -6 
Including Epilogue Ova 10 Years after
Season 1-3- DVD Quality
Season 4-6 720p


wavey you think your dabest

ifran03trMar 5th, 2012

hello..please seed, its taking to many days in me still at 30%..

cliffcabsApr 16th, 2012

i will bring this torrent back from the dead in a few hours

 Daman4IifeApr 21st, 2012

hey there, just to let you know, you forgot episode 19 of the first season in the torrent :)

fleshfiend5Jan 27th, 2014

The good catch about this torrent is the size. 60-100 mb per episode at around this quality is harder to come by so a plus for the consideration of hard drive space and quality. The subtitles are all hardcoded. So far they're pretty good, not perfect but no significant spelling issues yet and so far I've not found a better one. The hardcoded subs are decent size and am fairly happy with them; I've seen subtitles that are too large, too small, or ugly bold yellow. I've compared the quality with the larger size versions on another site and many times I don't notice much of a difference or at least one that is worth getting a file more than 2x the size of this. The uploader did a pretty good job here overall. The whole series otherwise would be about 20-32 GB. Good job compiling it into one download as well! Will seed it for awhile. Thanks! Audio 9/10 Video 10/10

MadeUserNov 5th