Re-inventors S02_S03 full - Canadian InventionBuild Type Show S0

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Uploaded:Mar 11th, 2012
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Re-inventors - Canadian InventionBuild Type Show S02 & S03 DocuReality

if you like Gadget and Prototype this .. then you will like this series
I got Series 1 years ago but stumbled on these extra episodes I didnt know
exist so I webripped them to xvids

the quality again is low bitrate done on purpose I suspect.. so some video
is pixelized in fast movement and voices harmoniced
but its better then not having the series at all :)

take it or leave it.. but if grabbing seed.. it will take a while as its a big
5gb all up and slow isp with bad data caps@



yes I know theres single episodes incl S01 about but no one is seeding them! and I dont know there quality as a result.. was easier to regrab and rebundle in a complete download!

 psspssMar 11th, 2012

I do have Season 1 from years ago but I would of thought everyone had them already only 6 episodes on that pilot season anyhow

 psspssMar 12th, 2012

you can i,prove the sound using VLC EQ and cutting out the high bands by looks I could prob fix the sound manually in each file using soundforge its very powerful but could do with some batch filter and better video handling as yet not sure how to save back only the sound and leave the video uncoded i think would have to reip out the sound in avidemux edit it and put it back in using avidemux still learning

 psspssMar 13th, 2012