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gensokyo dot org archive at 2012 03 14 (touhou comics) archive at 2012 03 14

Many fan comics set in the Touhou world; the realm of Gensokyo (literally
Illusion Village or Fantasy Village): a place where magical and spiritual
qualities prevailed over science and where youkai and humans coexist,
more or less peacefully.

The only known gateway from the outside world into Gensokyo is the Hakurei
Shrine has it connects the illusion village to Japan. However, the seal has
weakened and more humans are able to wander into Gensokyo from the outside.

Even if the original setting is from a series of games the stories can be
enjoyed also by people who never played them.

It is some time that gensokyo dot org does not update its torrent and I
was amazed there are still seeders for the original torrents of the 2009.
So here is an update. Enjoy.