Top Gear Season 14-18 in 1080i including specials

Type:Video > Highres - TV shows
Size:161.94 GB
Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:Mar 15th, 2012
Info Hash:95171ac2fbb2ac6d942eadc5e00340f25e9d4fa9
this torrent contains:

top gear season:

14, 15, 16, 17, 18 in 1080i (.ts files +- 4GB/episode)

Clarkson Powered up MKV 1080
Top Gear Apocalypse MKV 1080
Top Gear At The Movies MKV 720
Top Gear Polar Special MKV 1080


lol too big, can u upload one season at a time?

anon1m0usApr 6th, 2012

You can select the episodes you want to download in your client, or search tpb for the individual torrents..

anonimiousApr 9th, 2012

verry nice torrent. i only had them in 720p :) ill seed at 2mb/s and wont stop till i reach a 5 times ratio

morbid_koenApr 18th, 2012

seed please..

arnold_al_qadrOct 20th, 2012

This is an excellent torrent. The video and audio quality is amazing.

ISimplyFallenIJan 11th, 2013

Not sure if this is worth it. It says 8 weeks ETA because I'm only getting 33KB/s. If others have this stuff please seed! Will seed as much as I can after completion.

Buttpumper99May 4th, 2013

Just started this and thanks to everyone seeding, hope this will be done in a few weeks. If you are at 100% please seed a little bit. I will be seeding at 300 kb/s while DLing and will seed for a while if I finish. If everyone seeds a little bit it helps all even 25-50 kb/s.

pistolpete3Jan 18th, 2014