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Uploaded:Mar 26th, 2012
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After a long wait finally a scene release! enjoy

SKIDROW have released Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of The Samurai is a standalone expansion pack of Total War: Shogun 2.The release also contains Total War: Shogun 2 and Rise of the Samurai Campaign.


ATTENTION! I THINK I KNOW WHAT IS CAUSING THE 6030 CRT ERRORS! It's steam_api.dll. Whenever I use an older version of steam_api.dll (from older cracks), Shogun 2 doesn't run, but it doesn't show the CRT error. If I use a Rise of the Samurai crack, Shogun 2 runs, but it does not get past the splash screen. PLEASE. FIX IT, BROTHERS!

NopeNopeNopeMay 8th, 2012

Also, my OS is Windows XP. I'm thinking that only WinXP users get the CRT Error. Can anyone confirm this?

NopeNopeNopeMay 8th, 2012

Mbb15 thnx for this ul im gonna try it and tell u later if it worked

realawesomedudeMay 8th, 2012

my condolence and im sorry for ur loss but this crack does work , tried reinstalled played , just doesn work , pls ppl come up with a crack that does work , i really wanna play this game kinda selfish of me cuz im not the one producing anything but pls

realawesomedudeMay 9th, 2012

Hey Mbb15 downloaded the crack given by ZalHAck but it has a virus file. game still crashes after about 4-5 turns. Any ideas

cybhahMay 10th, 2012

Pleeease Help !! I Didn't Download 23 GB For Nothing My Proplem Is When I Installed The Game And Put The Original Crack It Works But When I Use The Artillery It Crash And When I Start A Campaign It Crashes In The Loading Screen Now After I Put The Crack Fix It Gets Me A Message That Say CRT 6030 Not Intialized

GeneralGemyMay 22nd, 2012

awesome, all we have to do is turn off the antivirus and have our pc gates wide open.

mat31_newMay 23rd, 2012

@ZalHack Leave a detailed installing please , because neither this one nor the other from the 22gig install are working ... And my system is fine 8gigs ram , i7 2600 (sandbridge) and OS win7-64

Serp77777Jul 7th, 2012

Didnt work for me... also I dont recommend you guys use that "crackFix" by sengoku20. It gave my computer a nasty trojan :l So basically there is still no clean working crack for this game. Wtf skidrow.

damiansevrenJul 9th, 2012

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could run this game with crack included in shidrow copy, bit it says that my game wont work and will quit if i start playing because it's pirated copy. I started to play but it crashes and don't send pops up. Now i wonder is it possible to play this game or you got to buy it.

gaybiatch34343434Jul 20th, 2012

It does NOT work for me. :(

MrSucubusJul 26th, 2012

@ZalHack how spteps exactly do you done with the russian crack and then with this crack like your game not crash?

xxANuVIsxxAug 3rd, 2012

I can't open the game when i try it start loading and nothing happen please help me. add me on skype leonardo-3001

Bitch_LCGAug 25th, 2012

Anyone tried it with the latest Darthmod (v43+++)?

kolokythisDec 8th, 2012

Hey is someone solve the problem with program has stopping working in Windows 8,is there a new crack?

Kielek96Apr 13th, 2013

@cybhah, Serp77777 and xxANuVIsxx: 1. Download this torrent. 2. Mount with daemon tools lite or some other image mounting program. 3. Install, if asked to insert disk 2 then just tab out and mount the next iso etc till it is all done. 4. Google for Shogun 2 Update 17-22 + Tweaked for Crackfix v2.part1 and part 2, I am sure you will find it. Unrar it and paste it in your Shogun 2 Root directory and overwrite the existing files. NOTE: Your anti virus WILL detect it as a virus, I had this on for ages now and NOTHING happened to my computer, it is a false positive meaning although it is no virus it will be detected as one. As a programmer myself I can confirm that even some programs that I write that are well normal programs are being sometimes detected as viruses even though I know it is of course not. After the overwriting of files the game should indeed work normally. As for windows 8 and other platforms I do not know. I use windows 7 and have a amd cpu and nividea graphics card, should work anyways. Best of luck and I hope it will work for you. Additional information: Multiplayer (hamachi lan/tunngel lan) does not work, at least I was unable to make it work. However there are people that claim it does indeed work with tunngel, there is even tunngel lobbies for it, but I have no idea which patch/game version one must have in order to play it, or if there are some files one needs to download, if anyone knows how to play this game online, I would greatly appriciate the help.

ZalHackJun 5th, 2013

MORE INFORMATION THAT CAN HELP: The anti virus will detect the "Shogun2.exe" as the virus. Sometimes your anti virus will warn you, sometimes not, meaning ~ the anti virus may at times automatically delete the .exe at times the exe will be still shown, but will cease to funtion giving you an error, other times you will not even see the exe since it is instantly removed. You must go to your antivirus and either disable it in order to play or allow the exe that has been seen as a virus. Secondly the loading of the game may take LONG. I myself have older drives and they are HDDs (Hard drive disks the old ones that most computers have.) And even though I have two of them and set them as a RAID 0 (combining both the hard drives as one to increase read and writing speeds ~ faster loading times) it still takes me over a minute to see the sega logo. So you might have to wait quite some time depending on your system, wait 10 mins max, if nothing happens by then, then assume it is not working but it could take 10 mins on a very weak pc/laptop, the game is pretty demanding.

ZalHackJun 5th, 2013

Thank you so much it worked :) you can now come over to my house and fuck any of my sisters if you so please :)

HawaiianGuyJul 23rd, 2013

@Mbb15: the crack worked thank you so much !! You can now come over to my house and fuck any of my sisters if you so please :)

HawaiianGuyJul 23rd, 2013

Which Build is this for? I am trying to download some cheats and i cant use it because i dont know what build the exe is lol.

HawaiianGuyJul 23rd, 2013

Not worth downloading, this crack does not work. The game does not start, there is no process, no logos, the cursor does not even change, nothing.

Tymon123Aug 11th, 2013