Psych Season 1-5 hdtv

Uploaded:Mar 31st, 2012
Info Hash:eb08be0ae78798ccf2b3985a3845a8c38a20dfab
Psych in HDTV! Enjoy, Season 1-5 


Have fun.


Plz Seed! Thank you. Downloading is fastest from 1:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST everyday.

richperson16Mar 31st, 2012

Season 4 will not play.

TheSageMApr 21st, 2012

Wow. I can't help you TheSageM cuz it runs fine on my computer. Maybe get a codec or get VLC player, thats what i use. Hopefully i helped you :)

richperson16May 4th, 2012

Season 4 is encoded with some messed up codec klite mega/ MPC will not render

XONi49May 4th, 2012

Get VLC player to fix your problem. I use that player and season 4 works fine! Hope i was a help to someone

richperson16May 11th, 2012

thanks for uploading this! it was a super fast download for me :) i use GOMplayer and season 4 works for most of th eps. you're missing episode 6, though.

isshaJun 18th, 2012

cheers man

LastPandaOct 18th, 2012

IF u ccant seed y wud u put up n shame on guys who completed download n not seeding at all...

herorulezFeb 12th, 2013

Season 4 is corrupted. Won't even play in VLC

sungam3dFeb 20th, 2013

Says it's HDTV Resolution is less than SDTV

osaka35Apr 15th, 2013 - Psych Season 1-7, Awesom HD Quality With Subtitles, No corrupt Files, Enjoy.

vvsdrwJun 9th, 2013