Alex Parks - 2005 - Honesty [320K/VBR]

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Alex Parks - 2005 - Honesty [320K/VBR] picture

Artist: Alex Parks
Album: Honesty
Genre: Pop
Label: Polydor Ltd.
Language: English
Release Date: Oct 24, 2005
Number of Tracks: 12
Total Length: 01:00:55
Total Size: 97.20 MB
Format: MPEG 1 Layer III (mp3), Joint Stereo
Quality: 320 KBPS, 44 KHz, VBR


Honesty is Alex Parks' second album, co-written with producers Greg Wells, Alan Branch, John Reynolds and Peter-John Vettese, as well as songwriters Judie Tzuke, Karen Poole and Marcella Detroit. It was released on 24 October 2005.
The lead single "Looking for Water" was released prior to the album as an exclusively internet-download release, and failed to make the charts on downloads alone.
The album received mixed reviews and charted at number 24. There were hopes that a second single, the title track "Honesty", released on 23 January 2006, would revive interest in the album. However, the single received minimal promotion and radio airplay, despite strong video airplay on The Hits and B4, as well as limited distribution, and entered the chart at number 56. Honesty represents a distinct shift in genre from Parks' first album Introduction, which was clearly in the commercial pop genre. Honesty is predominantly alternative folk pop with some rock and chill out influences, and includes a hidden track, "Tail and All", with a French samba rhythm. Three very distinctive rock B-sides ù "Near Death Experience", "Just Love" and "Black & White" ù were released with the two singles from this album.

Track Listing:

01. Lie (04:22), 8.30 MB
02. Out of Touch (04:04), 7.09 MB
03. Looking For Water (04:08), 8.10 MB
04. So Emotional (03:59), 6.57 MB
05. Lost Without a Name (04:14), 6.74 MB
06. Get Out (03:50), 7.53 MB
07. Honesty (03:42), 7.30 MB
08. Adore (04:45), 7.52 MB
09. From the Inside (04:26), 7.97 MB
10. Sweeter & Sweeter (03:59), 6.21 MB
11. Truth Or Dare (06:24), 11.91 MB
12. Moment (13:02), 11.96 MB