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Rejseholdet dvd1 Multisubs Retail


Protagonist Charlotte Fich - iGrid Dahl, Head of Homicide
Mads Mikkelsen - Allan Fischer
Lars Brygmann - Thomas la Cour
Waage Sando - Jens Peter "IP" Jørgensen
Erik Wedersøe - Ulf Thomsen
Trine Pallesen - "Gabrielle" Gaby Levin
Lars Bom - Johnny Olsen

Episode 1
Head of Unit One research team, Torben Rønne, is found murdered in his house, together

with Henning Ravn, a friend of his, who temporarily lived with them. Ingrid Dahl is then

temporarily promoted to Head of Unit One. By a criminal information of Unit One is led to

Dennis Friis, whose mother was abused years ago by Ravn. If Friis trying to pick up the

murder weapon, he is discovered by Fischer and La Cour and taken to the office. His

confession, however, by Ingrid Dahl questioned ...

Episode 2
A corpse found the owner of a local pub from Horsens turns out to be. This also

maintained good relations with a local motorcycle gang. But Ingrid suspect that his

murder be more personal than business background. The new mobile office is in use and the

driver appears to be a surprise. As the investigation gets going Ingrid gets a phone call

as soon as possible what forces her to return to Copenhagen. (Will vervold)

Episode 3
Fischer and La Cour find Grue, the leader of the motorcycle gang, who walks around with a

sawed off shotgun, similar to the murder weapon. But there is an unsettling discovery.

Ingrid comes back and has a plan for what her boss, Chief Constable Ulf Thomsen,

definitely not fancy. Fischer gets unexpected help when he gets in a fight with a few

suspects. La Cour is an important clue and IP suspect something going on between Gaby and

Johnny Olsen.

Episode 4
When an elderly woman was killed in Nakskov, her younger female tenant with confusing

details: she says she saw an unknown man left the house just after the crime. Fischer's

relationship with the local police is complicated because of his involvement in an

earlier case in the region. IP is concerned about the whereabouts of Kirsten, and Ingrid

's husband Soren surprised her as she is on the way out with Boysen.

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