Snowboard Addiction Tutorial

Uploaded:Apr 2nd, 2012
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Snowboard Addiction - Full Freestyle Program - tutorial

What would it be like to be the best on your local hill having all your friends wonder how you got so good? Snowboard Addiction enables you to explode your riding, when you want to, at an affordable price.
All that cash you threw down for a board, boots, bindings, jacket, pants, gloves, beanies, hoodies, socks, thermals, bandannas and goggles may look sick… but it won’t make you a rad rider. For a fraction of that price you can grab the freestyle program and explode your riding to really impress the ladies! …. or men!


Hey, this is a personal message from Snowboard Addiction. We've found our products have just started to appear in torrents like this one... We're not the RIAA or the MPAA - we are a tiny company struggling to survive, so please bear that in mind before downloading this torrent. Without customers we won't be able to keep producing awesome content and our stuff really isn't that expensive! We continually update the freestyle program and the version in this torrent is already out of date! Please stop by to check out the latest stuff.

piratejimrApr 18th, 2012

Sorry about pirating it but I don't have the funds to buy it right now but probably will do later. See this in the positive view, a lot of people will hear about you guys. It's worse if your a big company but small ones sometimes benefit from it because they get good reputation

perkovitsAug 6th, 2012

Hi Perkovits, we understand what you are trying to say that this is great publicity for Snowboard Addiction, but as you say you don't have the funds to pay for it right now. This might be the case of others and with this in mind it stops revenue to us! Without this revenue we can't make further awesome videos or go snowboarding and then everyone loses out. Please guys check out our website at and purchase through us if you like what we do. For one the quality will be better and you will get the latest vids. We are not that expensive and certainly cheaper then doing a weeks course on a mountain.

shreditNov 28th, 2012

Hi guys, I can understand your worry. On the other hand, buying a snowboard tutorial had never crossed my mind until i downloaded and had a look at the quality of this stuff. Its awesome, so I'm getting the freestyle intro DVD for my sister for christmas, and i'm most def gonna buy the updated product freestyle pack :)

MyalDec 6th, 2012

WIth regards to the representatives from Snowboard Addictions..... What Torrent communities do is noble. It's a good thing. In a world where bureaucracies and multi-national corporations conspire together to tip the scale and put the little guy at a disadvantage before he even gets a chance, torrent communities do exactly that. I come here to download torrents, not listen to your politics or what you believe we are morally obligated to do. The percentage of people who actually DO download torrents are very nominal, really hardly worthy of any notice to the mainstream. As you can see, this torrent has about 43 seeders and 6 leechers. that's 46 people total, a drop in the bucket or chump change compared to your bottom line, I am sure. I for one, am not interested in any "personal messages" from you, only interested in going about my business in peace. Hopefullly, you will consider removing your advertising spam from this torrent page, as this is a site for peer to peer sharing, not advertising. Thank you, and have a good day.

BizzwooferDec 10th, 2012

bizzwoofer just handed it out hahaha

kuda123Oct 17th, 2013

Hey, this is Snowboard Addiction again. We are not trying to advertise ourselves on torrent sites. We also do not spam! We are a small company and every single customer is important, so we can't accept this to be on these sites. As we said, our product is not very expensive and pirating is not a good thing. It is illegal and stops us from making more tutorials. We hope you understand that!

shreditNov 26th, 2013

Both sides are correct to a certain extent,in my view. What Torrent communities do is noble,but supporting small companies that make something that helps others also is. So,like it? Save some money and buy it!

JustAnotherApprenticeDec 5th, 2013

Bizzwoofer, you can be cynical to an extent, but not SO cynical. How can you say they are doing spam if it's their own content. You might believe in sharing, you might believe in testing before buying, you might believe in whatever you want but accusing them of spamming is bs. At least be thankful for the experience you will gain from these tutorials, even if you don't intend paying, even if you know the thanks won't be enough for them because they want you to pay, but these files only exist thanks to them. It's ok you don't want personal messages but at least show some humanity ffs.

DanielCWJan 20th, 2014