Mission.Impossible.Ghost.Protocol.2011.1080p.BluRay.x [PublicHD]

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:42eaf3b4fdd3a4ebaf97d3b64b92be0759d6976d
Mission.Impossible.Ghost.Protocol.2011.1080p.BluRay.x [PublicHD] picture

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Mission.Impossible.Ghost.Protocol.2011.1080p.BluRay.x264-SECTOR7 [PublicHD]


Runtime ..: 2h 13mn
Video ....: 1920x800 (X264 @ 23.976fps)
Audio 1...: English AC3 5.1 Ch 640 kbps
Subs .....: English
Source ...: BluRay Retail

Director..: Brad Bird
Starrting.: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg
Genre ....: Action | Adventure | Thriller


BOZX, excellent quality as usual. Dont even have to read the comments to check, always first, always best. Regards /J

ZapeeApr 6th, 2012

seed please

hani21Apr 6th, 2012

A/V 10/10 no doubt Blu Ray its Perfect. Worth the Long Download Time For Sure. Best Quality Out. p.s Only took me bout a day or two to Download, I'll leave it out for seeding as Long as I Can.

LEGENwait4itDARYApr 8th, 2012

1,758 seeders and moving at 2kb/sec?

x7thdayxApr 8th, 2012

thnx 4 UL !!

Sysop62Apr 8th, 2012

@x7thdayx It takes some time for the torrent program to allocate space so you might need to wait 10-15 min for your computer to create the space the file needs. Only after this do you get som good speed

CakeMonsterApr 8th, 2012

same comment as fill3rup, maybe i'll wait for other time where more seeds online...

 xxbelApr 9th, 2012

why full HD movies comes in 1920x800 and not 1920x1080? Thanks for uploading by the way Best Uploads ever

Mostafa_RefaieApr 15th, 2012

its ok, I figure it out

Mostafa_RefaieApr 15th, 2012

Perfect copy, great film also. A: 10 V:10

Roger_the_alienApr 16th, 2012

A8/V9. Thx BOZX!!!!

bbb_ozozApr 21st, 2012

thanks man Can anyone tell me the size of video & Audio in a separate way? thanks in advance

ibrahimaly2005Apr 22nd, 2012

I'm 0.6% downloaded after 30 minutes, but I'm uploading at over 1 MB/s. Your welcome everyone.

papaslagApr 22nd, 2012

Amazing! Movie:10/10 Audio:10/10 Video:10/10 Thanks BOZX!

dwayne299Apr 30th, 2012

Nice upload A/10 V/10 thx,

maz007May 11th, 2012

many thanx BOZX.your work is again the best here.thanx.

drunk-monJun 9th, 2012

video quality not very good :( for example cubes in 00:00:23

2snehuliaciJan 5th, 2014