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Prepare yourself for a spooky scary story by Tom Becker - Darkside 

The night Jonathan Starling's dad is admitted to an asylum, he almost gets kidnapped by three people who look like underakers. For a sane second, Jonathan's dad tells him the only person who can help him out of this freaky mess is a man named Carnegie, who lives in Darkside (no, not where Anakin Skywalker turned to become Darth Vadar). Darkside is an underground world ruled by Jack the Ripper's children!

Jonathan quickly makes his way to Darkside, which is spookier than any dark alley he's come across in London. It's filled with people who look more dead than alive - he can actually smell death around every corner - and he even comes face-to-pale face with the ultimate blood-sucking villain! Fortunately for Jonathan, he also meets Carnegie and Raquella, who's pretty sweet for a Darksider - but do they have what it takes to beat down the bad guys who are after Jonathan, and bring him back to Lightside, or the real world as we know it?

From spooky villains to spine-tingling suspense you won't have the guts to stop listening...